Minimising your energy costs

Energy is one of the largest running costs an organisation faces.

A Building Energy Management System is key to minimising the energy costs within your building.

All buildings owners and end-users have a requirement and commitment to reduce energy costs and the carbon that a building produces.
We work closely with the end-user to unlock the full potential of their BEMS system.

We will manage and maintain your BEMS system to ensure it delivers the savings that is capable of.

Some of the services we provide include:

Energy Audits and Consultancy

Kendra can provide detailed surveys of your premises along with effective energy management advice. We believe in delivering the fixes immediately; our experienced Energy Engineers can highlight and implement energy-saving recommendations for you as they find them during their surveys to provide “on the day” energy savings. We will then work with the site facilities management team to ensure that these energy-saving measures are maintained and continue to provide year on year benefits and savings.

Monitoring and Targeting

Our Energy Management team provide hands-on assistance with monitoring and targeting of energy usage. They can help implement energy-focused maintenance culture change, as well as provide assistance with spend-to-save capital project proposals, energy use awareness campaigns, utility cost budgets and recharging, and more.