We’re employee owned! Here’s what you need to know about our EOT

Last week, we became ‘employee owned’.  Meaning the company is now owned by an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). The change marks a significant milestone in our journey. Forming part of our growth plan, the EOT reflects Kendra’s commitment to building a stronger, more stable future.

What does our EOT mean for you?

Nothing will change for you – our customers. You’ll get the same exceptional service and innovative solutions you’ve come to rely on. Our existing owners and Managing Directors – Gary Ford and Chris Mills – will continue to lead and our management structure will remain intact. So externally, you won’t notice any difference. Internally, the key difference is that we’ll now report to a dedicated board of Trustees.

A message from our owners

Commenting on the new EOT, Chris Mills said:

“In a market experiencing many recent trade acquisitions, we believe this move will give Kendra the strength and stability to continue to thrive and deliver top-notch energy solutions.

“Kendra’s developed and grown significantly over the last twenty-four years with regards to its service offering, UK reach and the size and requirements of its customer base.  And it’s all thanks to our people, who are at the core of our business. By putting this EOT in place, we’re able to put our people where they belong – at the front and centre of Kendra’s future.

No one’s job role is affected, and neither are our day-to-day operations and business plans. Kendra will remain as an entity with Gary and myself as Managing Directors and we’ll continue to discharge our obligations to that entity for the foreseeable future.

We look forward to carrying on as normal under the new structure, working hard and prioritising our customers. Meanwhile, the business will continue to expand in 2024 and beyond.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Kendra Energy Solutions. Here’s to a bright and sustainable future together.”

Find out more

If you want to learn more about EOT businesses and how they work, check out this official UK Government guidance.


Got any questions or comments? Find your local office and drop us a message or email info@kendraenergy.co.uk.