Scotland office

Celebrating success in Scotland

Our Scotland division has grown rapidly in the last 12-18 months. Thanks (in part) to some exciting new additions to the team. Learn how we’ve smashed targets in Scotland and built it into a highly skilled BEMS projects and services region. Here’s our 4-step recipe for success.

1. Sourcing exceptional talent

Our customers get high-quality service, wherever they are in the UK. Even in relatively new regions, such as Scotland, we’ve been laser-focused on onboarding the best talent. In the last two months alone, two commissioning engineers and a project manager have joined. All with impressive skillsets.

Thanks to the team’s growing competencies, we can now target and deliver larger scale projects. Today, we’re proud to announce that our delivery capabilities in Scotland have skyrocketed.

Our Scottish team is made up of:

  • BEMS Service Engineers
  • BEMS Project Engineers
  • Project Manager
  • Regional Operations Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Regional Administration

But it doesn’t end there. Over the coming months and years, we’ll continue to expand and strengthen our Scottish team.

2. Building autonomy

With expertise across multiple areas, Scotland no longer requires support from other UK colleagues. They’re proud to be self-sufficient. Which is a fantastic accomplishment over just 12-18 months.

Thanks to Scotland’s newfound autonomy, we’ve strengthened our competitive edge. That’s because we now offer true, nationwide coverage of all our services.

3. A smart acquisition

To intensify Scotland’s capabilities, we acquired BMS Energy Controls (BMSE) in August 2021. Legally, BSME became part of Kendra the following April (2022) and their contribution has given our growth plan a real boost.

Prior to the acquisition, BMSE was a local partner to Kendra’s Northern Division. Thanks to an existing repour with the company’s engineers, their transition to Kendra went incredibly smoothly. With them, they brought some exceptional clients who we’ve got to know well.

Now, we’re in a stronger position to tender works throughout the country and can react quickly to customers. All acquired engineers have completed skills competencies, which has allowed us to tailor their training based on core skills.

4. Exceptional customer service

We’re excited to now offer a 5-star service to the whole of Scotland. Our Scottish Regional Manager, Raymond Timoney, said “Kendra’s Scottish division is proud to offer customers a level of service and delivery that is unequalled in the BEMS market. Our customers are delighted to receive this level of customer care and are proving this through continuous growth with us and our expanding offer of services.”

Scotland office

Building our capability in Scotland – here’s how it started

Our work in Scotland started as a one-off contract for a major shopping centre in one of Scotland’s largest cities. Our innovative solution fitted the exact requirements of our client, which meant were given the opportunity to look after both this site and another in Aberdeen.

Since opening the Scottish office in October 2020, we have been able to expand our level of customer support – support that has gone from strength to strength – and ultimately materialised into further contracts.

Scotland office

Why expand into Scotland?

  • For national service coverage, which will lead to fresh contract opportunities.
  • To enable a UK-wide, full suite of BEMS services across England, Scotland & Wales.
  • To make the best use of long-standing relationships, developed over 38 years in the industry.
  • To expand our growing team, along with our collective knowledge and expertise.

Our competitive advantage in Aberdeenshire

We have engineers located in both the central belt of Scotland and Aberdeenshire, which allows us to be competitive in both parts of the country.

This is a unique offering that stands us apart from competitors in and around Aberdeen. It means we can provide a higher volume of works and have the capacity to deliver it at a lower cost.

Due to our recent acquisition, Kendra has a loyal customer base in Aberdeenshire – as well as the rest of the country – bolstering our reputation as a unique BEMS solution in Scotland.

Proud to work across multiple systems

We support an extraordinary number of systems – offering more choice and flexibility than most BEMS providers. This includes:

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