Kendra Energy Solutions PROActiv Approach to Energy Management

‘Reducing energy consumption is an essential step for our customers on their Net Zero journey’

Martin Edmondson, Energy Solutions Architect

Energy management and the constant need to reduce consumption will always be a challenge. Achieving comfortable working conditions throughout the year whilst being mindful of the use of energy intensive HVAC plant is a difficult balance. Now, the Net Zero carbon journey adds further complexity, as simply purchasing Green Energy does not improve energy efficiency.

PROActiv Energy is Kendra’s new approach to energy management using a different tactic where firstly making the best use of the building automation and control of the HVAC services is maximised through BEMS optimisation.

An understanding of a building’s energy consumption and performance is established through energy profile analysis. The use of metering to recognise trends and anomalies will not only help to identify energy saving opportunities but to also police any savings made by means of energy profile monitoring and exception notification.

With Building Energy Management Systems controlling some of the most energy intensive plant services in the building, it is essential to ensure that the control strategies reflect the true operational and occupancy requirements. Where there has been drift from the original design specification or where the building’s usage has changed, this performance gap can be addressed by realignment and optimisation.

It is often identified that there are areas of the building or items of specific HVAC plant that are not connected to or interfaced with the BEMS. These can become opportunities that will result in further energy consumption and carbon emission reductions when implemented and combined with BEMS optimisation.

The fastest route to sustainable energy savings is to adopt a continuous process of reviewing goals, monitoring performance, optimising the controlling systems and communicating success – review, monitor, optimise and demonstrate.

Kendra’s PROActiv Hub is central to the monitoring and management process with energy alarm notification and our Energy Support Partnership service the energy performance can be sustained with further savings being identified through continual improvement.

Our simple yet effective approach to energy management is a key component in reducing energy consumption and an essential step for customers on their Net Zero journey. The outcomes and benefits of using Kendra Energy Solutions will result in increased operational efficiency and longevity of plant services combined with reduced maintenance requirements and lower operational expenditure. This is achieved through a reduced and sustainable energy demand which will not only better place but also better inform a business of the essential information needed when they are ready to administer a Green Energy supply.

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