As part of our plan to achieve net zero, we’re switching 90% of our fleet to electric vehicles (EVs) in the next five years

We’re big on energy efficiency. In fact, as a building energy management system (BEMS) company, lowering emissions is something we pride ourselves on. So, when it comes to sustainability, we need to be ahead of the curve. After all, how can we empower clients to fulfil their net zero ambitions if we’re not leading by example?

Since introducing our first electric vehicle (EV) in October 2019, we quickly expanded to 35 cars – around half being fully electric and the rest hybrid. Today, more than 30% of Kendra engineers drive EVs, which will grow by another 20% in the next year.

Ahead of the UK’s 2030 ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars, switching to an EV fleet is more achievable than ever before – partly because EVs are being manufactured more frequently. As many as one in five new cars is now an EV, according to Car Magazine UK.

So why are people making the switch? For us, net zero is a big driving factor. But there are other, less environmentally focused reasons. EVs are cheaper to run than petrol and diesel cars, for a start. And, according to many EV enthusiasts, provide a markedly better driving experience. Largely because they make such little noise!

Our Managing Director, Chris Mills, said

“transitioning to an EV fleet is a worthy investment. EVs are the future and Kendra is committed to creating an energy-efficient future. As well as environmental advantages, there is a big financial incentive for businesses to make the switch”

Ultimately, we plan on switching 100% of our fleet to EVs within 10 years.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue improving our own carbon footprint, as well as accelerating our customers’ journeys to net zero buildings.

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