How clean is the air in your building?

People spend 90% of their time indoors, on average; at work, home, school or even the supermarket. While indoors, do you ever think about the quality of the air you’re breathing? You should. It has a direct impact on your health and cognitive functioning.

All air contains pollutants, from dust, dirt and mould particles to various chemicals. Some are dangerous, while others make you feel drowsy, but it’s high density – coupled with excessive exposure – that causes adverse effects. That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye on your indoor air quality.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution: PROActiv Health. It’ll help keep your indoor spaces safe and improve the wellbeing of building occupants. How? Through extremely advanced air quality monitoring.

What will PROActiv Health do for you?

A comfortable building = happy occupants

It’ll allow your building to breathe. Working with your Building Energy Management System (BEMS), PROActiv Health circulates fresh air throughout the day. Raised oxygen levels give occupants a natural energy boost and dilute air pollutants, keeping them at comfortable levels.

Prevent the spread of viruses

At high levels, air pollutants can negatively impact heath and some even facilitate the spread of viruses. Monitoring these particles can help prevent airborne illnesses being transmitted. Following the Covid-19 lockdown, this has become increasingly important.

Keep an eye on occupancy thresholds

Are there too many people in your building? If occupancy thresholds exceed a safe level, you’ll be alerted.

Boost productivity and engagement

Keep airborne chemicals and particles, as well as air temperature and humidity, at targeted set points. The result: productive and engaged occupants. Studies have shown that test scores improve by 12% in low CO2 environments and employees’ work 60% faster.

Keep everyone in your building safe

If anything suspicious is detected, you’ll be alerted. Be safe in the knowledge that nothing will ‘slip through the net’ with PROActiv Health.

Why choose PROActiv Health?

“PROActiv Health is not your standard air quality monitor. It’s a premium indoor climate solution with depth and quality at the centre of its design. Its impressive 9-in-1 sensor is wrapped into a wireless package, with two virtual sensors for detecting occupancy levels and virus risk. But it’s not just technical prowess that sets PROActiv Health apart from the rest. The support package surrounding this solution is second-to-none. So, if you want to ensure the wellbeing of your staff, students, tenants or patients, while simultaneously boosting your organisation’s productivity, PROActiv Health is a win-win.”

Youssef Ismail Searle – PROActiv Business Development Manager, Kendra Energy Solutions

Want to know more?

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