How to become carbon neutral: Kendra’s sustainability triumph

We’ve gone carbon neutral! As a sustainability focused company, achieving carbon neutrality is huge. We’ve offset our carbon emissions for 2022 and soon we can say the same for 2023.

Helped by the Neutral Carbon Zone (NCZ), a company offering meaningful climate solutions for businesses, we were awarded a NCZ silver accreditation for 2022 and our 2023 accreditation is now in motion.

Here’s how we did it, why it’s so important and – crucially – what it means for you, our customers.

What does this carbon neutral accreditation mean – and how did we get it?

This accreditation verifies that all our organisational emissions have undergone an independent assessment to ISO standards, covering scope 1-3 emissions.

It takes all emissions into consideration. From total energy consumption and company vehicles to business travel and remote working. Even the impact of our suppliers has been considered. The result? A complete picture of your annual carbon footprint.

We then came up with strategic target reduction strategies and offset emissions we couldn’t currently reduce.

How have we helped to lower our carbon footprint?

Besides purchasing green energy (and maximising energy efficiency), we’ve put several measures in place to reduce our carbon footprint. Even the smallest steps can make a sizable difference, including:

  • Accessible office locations. We encourage the use of public transport and cycling to work, with some staff benefiting from the Cycle to Work Scheme.
  • ‘Switch off’ policies. Our staff are accustomed to ‘switching off’ at the end of the working day. Saving energy on office equipment, air conditioning and lighting.
  • Flexible or ‘hybrid’ working. We promote home working (wherever possible) to reduce our carbon footprint and hold online meetings to minimise travel.
  • Electric fleets. We’re transitioning 100% of our fleet to hybrid or electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030 and have already switched more than half.

We're carbon neutral

How did we offset our carbon emissions?

Kendra purchased carbon credits that will be invested in a 195 MW hydro electric power plant project in Indonesia, located on the Pos River.

The hydropower is a renewable source of energy and will displace the fossil fuel fired power generation on the regional grid.

Why did we sign up to this scheme?

As a building energy management system (BEMS) company, we pride ourselves on helping customers hit their net zero targets. To uphold our values and ‘practice what we preach’, Kendra knew it had to become carbon neutral.

What does our carbon neutral status mean for you – our customers?

With rising energy prices and the UK government’s net zero target fast approaching, businesses have no choice but to take carbon reduction planning seriously.

As many of you know, energy efficiency is the first, crucial step to achieving net zero. And that’s where Kendra comes in. We’re perfectly positioned to advise on – and implement – the building performance components of your carbon footprint jigsaw!

With this new accreditation, Kendra customers can rest assured that they’re receiving a carbon neutral service from a company that cares. And working with a carbon neutral company will ultimately improve your own carbon footprint through your supply chain. A win-win!

What’s next?

Our carbon neutral status is here to stay. We’ll carry on reducing our emissions by keeping a close eye on our energy usage, management practices and office housekeeping across the UK.

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