Calling all Trend 963 users

Upgrade to IQVISION Supervisor before 31st December 2024 or your system won’t be supported and may be costly to fix.

Farewell Trend 963

It’s been obsolete for three years and now the support cut off date is looming, it’s the right time to modernise your BEMS.

Today, you can no longer relicense Trend 963 and from 1st January 2025, all technical support will end.

Here’s why Trend 963 is going and what you can do about it

Windows 10 will soon cease to exist and from that point, the software won’t be supported. With security becoming increasingly important (and complex), Trend 963 will no longer cut it.

IQVISION is technically advanced. Its onboard BACnet functionality mitigates any additional integration hardware requirements and reduces cost and network points of failure. So start budgeting and grab a place in the upgrade queue!

Ready for a smart, modern replacement? … hello IQVISION

Built on powerful Niagara 4 framework, IQVISION has:

  • Enhanced security: from better password protection to authentication and encryption techniques.
  • Sophisticated alarm processing and routing.
  • Connection, integration and configuration advancements.
  • Improved graphics dashboards, accessed from your mobile.
  • HTML5 compliance, enabling full smart device capability.
  •  … and more! For more details on the perks and payback potential of IQVISION, get in touch.

Trend 963

Act quickly… or it’ll be too late!

Demand will ramp up as we get closer to the deadline, resulting in longer lead times. To avoid disappointment, don’t wait until your PC fails and the hard drive crashes. Start project planning today and arrange an onsite consultation.

If you want IQVISION installed by December 2024, aim to get your orders in by the summer. The sooner you upgrade, the sooner you’ll:

  • Save on integration hardware
  • Be fully ‘future-proofed’ when it comes to IT security
  • Get extended Trend support for 10 years

Delaying the inevitable comes with risks, but what are they?

Not upgrading in 2024 will result in:

  • Paying more for your upgrade
  • Starting from the back of the queue
  • Compromising your system security
  • Complete loss of system visibility in the event of a PC failure
  • Delaying the inevitable failure of your PC or software, which’ll have detrimental effects on FM operations and the overall control of building functionalities.

Be proactive and prepared – get in touch

As Trend Technology Partners, installing IQVISION is something we have extensive experience in.

To get your upgrade booked in, talk to your Kendra contact or find your local office and drop us a message. Alternatively, email to get started.