Seven things you need to know about our BEMS apprenticeships and training opportunities

Want to work in some interesting and unusual places? No two days are the same for our BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) and controls engineers. That’s part of what makes a career in our industry so exciting.

Become a future leader of a progressive industry. We’re on the lookout for ambitious apprentices and fast track engineers. Our trainees play a key role in creating efficient, IoT-connected smart buildings with lower carbon footprints. Here’s your chance to help create a better world for future generations.

But before you get in touch, here’s seven things you need to know about being a trainee at Kendra.

You’ll work in interesting buildings at fantastic locations

You’ll be onsite 90% of the time, getting hands on experience in varied environments. Every day is different, which many trainees find appealing. In fact, one of our former apprentices, Leo, described this variation as one of his biggest highlights. He said:

“I enjoyed the immediate challenge of helping to deliver large and important projects on prestigious and well-known sites around London and the southeast. I also enjoyed participating in other activities, such as surveying airports, universities, and other interesting places you rarely get to see in other jobs. Nearly every day was different, and the surveying works led me to my current role, working with a fun and excellent team.

An apprenticeship at Kendra guarantees you’ll be learning the trade from the best in the industry and, as previously mentioned, it won’t be long until you find yourself helping out in unexpected places, such as a Canary Wharf trading floor, a mansion in Surrey or an RAF base – possibly all in the space of a week.”

You’ll get a tempting rewards package

Trainees start at an industry standard salary, which is competitive compared to other engineering disciplines. However, if you’ve got the right attitude and work ethic, you’ll receive a better package with us – even as an apprentice!

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer incremental increases based on ability and attitude. So putting in a bit of extra effort does pay off.

You’ll actually be making the world a better place

Your work will help tackle climate change. How? Because buildings consume 40% of the world’s energy and produce a third of greenhouse gas emissions. And the BEMS industry confronts this issue head on.

We drastically reduce the carbon footprint of buildings. Equipped with cutting edge technology and building automation knowhow, we boost energy efficiency – making buildings smarter and greener. Find out more.

You’ll be successful

We’re focused on helping you succeed – because, ultimately, it’s today’s trainees who’ll be leading the way for intelligent buildings of the future.

Nurturing young careers is something we care about. Many of our people started out as apprentices, even some of our senior leaders and directors. So, when it comes to your training, you can rest assured we’ve been there and can relate.

While it takes around four years to qualify, we help ambitious people climb the ladder quickly. One of our former apprentices, Alistair, progressed from apprentice to Principal BEMS Engineer in just four years – an impressive achievement. Alistair largely puts his success down to the training, support, and encouragement he received as a trainee. He said:

“Engineering is a great trade to get into because it’s such a broad field. If you’re adaptable and good at solving problems, it’s the right career path for you, regardless of which form of engineering interests you the most.

BEMS is one of the best engineering avenues because it requires a broad range of engineering disciplines. You get to learn and understand every aspect of a building, as well as other building engineering trades, so it never gets boring. At Kendra, you’ll enjoy a fantastic, constructive training environment, where all avenues are open. There are endless opportunities to progress your skillset and career.”

You’ll get brilliant training

Your training plan will be comprehensive. While learning is mostly hands on, you’ll receive the best course-based training in the industry, including courses from big names such as Schneider Electric, Honeywell and the BCIA (the Building Control Industry Association).

As a BEMS apprentice or fast track engineer, you’ll cover a range of disciplines, from mechanical and electrical to energy-based engineering. This differs from most avenues of engineering, which focus on just one area. It means you’ll be in a great position to transfer your broad skillset to whatever areas interest you most.

Learning new things can be daunting, we fully understand and appreciate that. That’s why we encourage our trainees to have a go – and make mistakes – in a controlled environment.

Our current fast track engineer, Marc, said:

“You’re actually given time to learn and get better. Not rushed and thrown into the deep end. Being paired with experienced engineers has helped me grow and get better quicker. If you struggle with something, they understand and you’ll get help, guidance and training. And I’ve not failed a single course I’ve been on!”

You’ll learn from the best

Who better to learn from than a highly experienced, award-winning team? In fact, we won ‘Best Service and Maintenance Provider’ at the prestigious BCIA Awards last year, marking the third time we’ve won this enviable title.

You’ll also be joining one of only four UK companies to achieve ‘Master EcoXpert’ status in Building Controls. The highest level of accreditation on Schneider Electric’s prestigious EcoXpert programme.

So it’s fair to say our people – and your future teachers – know their stuff. You’ll get one-to-one mentored support, but will be supported by a large network of engineers, all with differing knowledge, experience, and skillsets. They’ll teach you about the service and project installation side of the BEMS industry, covering all bases.

Even the range of manufacturer systems we work on are extensive compared to many other BEMS providers. So, if you’re looking to soak up as much knowledge as possible, Kendra is the ideal place to do it. There’s always something new to learn.

Our current apprentice, Al, says:

“It’s a lovely company, full of amazing people who want you to succeed. They’ll help you develop your skills quickly and show you what it takes to be a good engineer. Proper onsite experience is key. I believe it’s the best way to learn and develop. My experience at Kendra has been amazing so far. I spent lots of time onsite and the engineers have allowed me to use my skills in a real environment. My biggest achievement is the amount I’ve learnt over such a short time.”

You’ll get a job

Once you qualify, you’ll get a job here at Kendra. You’ll work in either the BEMS service department or move into project commissioning – you choose how you want your career to develop.

We’ll invest in you and provide the tools and training you need for a long, successful career, continuing even after your apprenticeship ends.

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