A relatively small investment for huge potential gains. Here’s five ways PROActiv Energy will be a game changer for your business

Step up the energy efficiency of your building by installing – or enhancing – BEMS smart energy and analytics technology. PROActive Energy is a relatively small investment, given the huge potential gains and, if operated to its full potential, will be a game changer for your business. Here’s five ways PROActiv Energy will positively impact your business – and the planet.

1. It’ll save you money

With UK inflation at a 30-year high, and after a year of soaring energy prices, many businesses – like yours – are looking to cut costs. We propose a simple solution: slash your energy bills by maximising the efficiency and performance of your Building Energy Management System (BEMS). A smart energy solution, like PROActiv Energy, will achieve this.

Your BEMS controls around 40% of your building’s energy use. It does this by managing the efficiency of building equipment and utilities, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting and air quality.

After introducing PROActiv Energy, BEMS data will be collected from your entire estate – in real time – funnelling it to create a digital twin.

Here, you’ll see precisely how your HVAC plant is performing. This includes where you’re spending energy and how much – enabling you to home in on specific energy-saving opportunities. You’ll even be alerted to any unexpected changes in energy use or HVAC plant performance, allowing you to act quickly to minimise loses.

And the best thing about it? It won’t cost you the earth.

How much will it cost?

Every building and project is unique, so it’s impossible to come up with a blanket figure. In some cases, implementing PROActiv Energy comes with a relatively small price tag. And in cases where upfront costs are a little higher, it’s still excellent value for money. Especially when you compare those initial costs to the large payback you’ll achieve.

Upfront costs are offset by energy savings, often within a matter of months. In fact, upgrading to PROActiv Energy will lead to one of the fastest returns on investments (ROIs) in the commercial sector. The payback period is often less than six months.

How much energy will you save?

Again, it depends what PROActiv solutions are installed and the size/nature of your building. What we can say is that, on average, 40% of a building’s energy spend goes on HVAC. By implementing PROActiv Energy, around 20-25% of this could be saved; equating to 8-10% of your total energy spend. That’s a significant amount. Especially in today’s market.

Enhancing your BEMS is simple. If you go about it the right way. Here are some free or low cost tips to get you started.

2. It’ll help you achieve net zero

Saving energy doesn’t just benefit your bank balance. By expanding the scope of your BEMS to its full potential, you’ll maximise the energy efficiency of your building.

Maximising your energy efficiency is the first all-important step to achieving a net zero carbon building. This is crucial in the run up to the UK Government’s Net Zero by 2050 Target.

Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be in the perfect position to invest in renewable energy. Why? Because once you know your building is using energy wisely – and sparingly – you’ll be safe in the knowledge that any green energy you do purchase will not go to waste.

3. You’ll be making the planet greener

Buildings account for a massive 40% of earth’s energy consumption and are responsible for a third of greenhouse gas emissions. You can help tackle this.

By investing in smart energy solutions, like PROActiv Energy, you’ll lower your carbon footprint and will be helping to decarbonise the built environment.

Any building can become a sustainable smart building – including yours. Do you want your business to become part of a global solution, working together to tackle climate change?

Get in touch. Let’s see how we can help.

4. You’ll have more time and resources

Smart technology is only getting smarter. And who knows what it’ll be capable of in the future?

To avoid falling behind in an increasingly digital era, stay up to date with modern, fully automated PROActiv solutions. PROActiv Energy will monitor, manage and control building assets – in real time – meaning less manual work is required.

Without time-consuming, manual equipment checks, your engineers will be free to focus their efforts on where they’re needed most.

Meanwhile, your system will alert you to any issues – as and when they occur – thanks to developments in Internet of Things (IoT) technology and advanced analytics.

5. It’ll boost your reputation

Ultimately, upgrading to PROActiv Energy will achieve some, or all, of the following:

  • Cut energy use
  • Save money
  • Help you achieve net zero carbon
  • Help tackle climate change
  • Keep your HVAC systems in good order with increased longevity
  • Focus BEMS maintenance where it’s needed

Each of the above will reflect well on your business. Especially in an age where sustainable companies, and those who invest in employee wellbeing, are being recognised and celebrated.

The cost of enhancing your BEMS through PROActiv Energy is a no-brainer, given the huge potential benefits. Your financial investment will either be:

  • low
  • cost neutral within six months
  • OR come with a particularly fast ROI

Sound good?

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