Cut your energy use and go green the right way using one cost-effective solution

Want to achieve your net zero goals ahead of the UK’s Net Zero by 2050 Target? Start by asking yourself this: is my building as energy efficient as it could be?

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) account for 40% of a commercial building’s energy spend, on average. That’s huge. And comes at a hefty cost – financially and environmentally. Cut your energy use with our smart solution: PROActiv Energy.

It’ll save at least 20% of your HVAC spend, equating to 8% of your annual energy bill. But that’s a minimum estimate. You could be saving a lot more. In 2022, one of our clients racked up annual energy savings of 38%. That’s a lot of extra money in the bank.

PROActiv Energy is a smart investment because it’ll soon pay for itself. For a relatively small upfront cost, you’ll get quick energy savings and one of the fastest returns on investment (ROI) in the commercial sector. Stop unnecessary energy wastage. Let’s improve how your building manages and controls energy.

What is PROActiv Energy?

Think of PROActiv Energy as a virtual engineer. This intelligent software sits on your network with a bird’s eye view of your entire estate. Paired with any system, it takes data from virtually anywhere. It then processes, integrates and makes sense of granular data, allowing it to:

  • Spot energy use patterns and saving opportunities
  • Advise new approaches
  • Create tasks and assigns actions
  • Track progress
  • Generate actionable reports
  • Create ‘smart service’ plans that flag issues and rank them based on business impact, using various criteria (e.g. cost or maintenance urgency). This allows engineers to take a more targeted approach to maintenance.

How does it work?

While your Building Energy Management System (BEMS) tells you if something hasn’t been achieved, PROActiv Energy goes one step further and tells you why. Here’s what PROActiv Energy will do for you and your business:

Save energy – and money

By understanding precisely how and where you’re using energy, you can home in on specific energy saving opportunities to slash those energy bills.

Help you achieve net zero carbon

First step to achieving net zero? Maximise your building’s energy efficiency. Once you’re using energy sparingly, you can purchase green energy while safe in the knowledge it won’t go to waste.

Keep your building operating efficiently

Keep your building assets, including your HVAC systems, in good working order with greater longevity.

Make your building ‘smarter’

Don’t fall behind in an increasingly digital era. Take advantage of the Internet of Things (IOT) to transform your building into an autonomous smart building.

Free up your time and resources

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual checks by monitoring, managing and controlling assets in real time. Stay alerted to issues as and when they occur, with detailed information and effective solutions.

Improve your reputation

Be recognised – and celebrated – for implementing successful energy management strategies that lower your carbon footprint.

Ensure a quick return on investment (ROI)

Get excellent value for money, including one of the fastest ROIs in the commercial sector; the payback period is less than a year and sometimes just a couple of months.

Why choose PROActiv Energy?

“With a track record of exceeding energy saving expectations, from multi-building estates to multi tenanted office blocks, bringing PROActiv Energy into your portfolio is the best thing you’ll do for your building – and planet. As a PROActiv Energy customer, you’ll gain access to an unparalleled level of support and become part of a community that is leading intelligently controlled buildings into a new, sustainable era”.

– Youssef Ismail Searle, Kendra’s PROActiv Business Development Manager

Find out more

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